“Louise has just the right touch when it comes to the tender places that need to be explored, and brings a beautiful blend of fierceness and compassion, to accountability.  I have been training coaches for over 2 decades, and Louise stands out as one of the best.”
Pat Carrington-House CPCC, PCC 

E.M: It is a pleasure working with Louise.  She has both a gift and a skill for deep listening and can translate what you share with her into actionable steps forward; especially when you feel stuck. Working with a coach is a process of discovery and learning; having Louise as a guide in this process has helped immensely in sorting through the tumbleweed of issues we all encounter at one time or another in our lives.  I am grateful for the tutelage and support I receive from Louise.

P.P: “I do not know how Louise does it. She listens with intent and without judgement. I feel safe and cared for in our conversations. Louise has helped me work through issues and has helped me strategize in both my personal and professional life. She is game to help with whatever feels most pressing to me, though she also can keep me on track. She does a great job with guided imagery, which I find to be grounding and helpful. I highly recommend working with Louise if you want a supportive and wise guide to assist you in living your best life.

T.P:  “Working with Louise feels like cleaning the dust off my soul. She gives space for me to dig up my truth and reveal underlying passions. She steers me towards self-empowerment and self-love by being present with my process.”

D.S: Louise is a wonderful listener, creative thinker, and a huge advocate as I explore areas of my life that need a little jump-start and on occasion, a complete overhaul.  I always came away from our conversations with food for thought and food for my soul.

J.G:  “Louise has a heart of gold. She has a great balance of listening and giving insights, and makes you feel like she’s got your back and that you’re not alone. I would recommend her to anyone who is questioning their direction ,in fact, come to think of it… I already have.”

K.G: “Louise has a knack for distilling somewhat scrambled ideas into a workable “To Do” list to help me achieve my goals. She has great empathy and never judges. Highly recommend!”

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***A Boston area life coach, who also walks with clients.***