Louise Cady-Fernandes

My life has been very full. I’ve harnessed my abundant energy to raise a family, become an entrepreneur, compete as a masters swimmer with world ranking, overcome my anxiety to fly on planes and be featured in Nestle’s commercials for their Simply Complete Boost energy drink. I worked in the design and knitwear industry for Susan Bristol Inc. for 16 years. Knitting and textiles remain a great love of mine. In 2009, I began writing a blog called Lines of Beauty about enjoying the aging process. Early on, I featured a woman in her 90’s; she was a therapist to whom people came to see for guidance, right up until the week before she passed away.

I decided then that I wanted to someday help people navigate life, like she did. I now specialize in ADHD coaching.

I received my CPCC certification from Coaches Training Institute, the most rigorous and respected coaching & leadership school in the profession and am also trained in ADHD with the ADD Coaching Academy. I have a B.S in education from Boston University. I’m very curious about what makes people tick. I like to help them find what truly resonates for themselves & support them in implementing what they desire in life.

In my own life, I have overcome many obstacles: an eating disorder, a learning disability, anxiety and infertility. I am also experienced with navigating aging parents, mid-life transition, Tantric/Tantra sexual energy training, marital discord and the challenge of returning to top fitness, after fracturing my 5th vertebrae at age 58

As an athlete, I understand what it takes to become fit and how to maintain fitness. I also know how important fitness is to overall well-being and how good it feels, whether an athlete or not.

What I really understand is that everyone has their own stumbling blocks and issues to overcome in different areas. I want to help you navigate through them, heal and create what you are yearning for in your life.

 Contact me for a free session, to discover if we might be a good fit together.

***A Boston area life coach, who also walks with clients.***